We do
process design.
At Squared,
we use process design to bridge the gap between your businesses' ambitious vision and your ability to execute on an operational level.​

Who we are

Through our three focus areas, we rapidly design and build your operations allowing you to focus on scale and growth!


We begin with your growth strategy making sure the operations we design are ready for long-term growth. ​


Processes are the key to your operations. ​Our processes will form the foundations of your business and will scale as you grow.​


Great operations requires great operators. We will help you to hire, onboard and train the right people for your operations.​

What we do

We quickly turn operations from a burden to an enabler of success!​
Operations: On-demand

Building operations is hard; it costs time, money, requires an experienced leader to design the operational strategy and a junior team to build the processes within that strategy. ​

Founders will either painstakingly build their own strategy and processes or spend time and money hiring an operations team of junior and senior operators too early in the business' journey.​

We provide a different model:

We are able to work vertically to both create the high level operational strategy and build out the critical day to day processes.

Through this on-demand model, we save you time, money and allow you to focus on growing your business before committing to a permanent operations team.

Let's build your operations!
Operations: Integrated​

Most operations develop organically as your business grows, this works at the start but leads to operational processes growing in different directions.​

These siloed processes lead to misalignment of operations across the business making your operations a bottleneck as opposed to an enabler of success.​

We remove operational siloes:

Through our transformation roadmap, we will visualise all your processes and design them to integrate seamlessly. Moreover, by focusing on your strategy, we design these processes with scale in mind, allowing your processes to integrate no matter how much your business grows.

With us, your customer acquisition and experience will never be blocked by operational siloes.

Let's integrate your operations!
People: Demystified

If hiring a team is tough, hiring an operations team is tougher. Operations teams are either: hired too early and expected to build full operational processes from scratch with minimal onboarding and training, or too late where they are expected to redesign operations that are struggling under rapid business growth. ​

Both scenarios lead to hiring inefficiencies, delays and terrible employee and employer experiences.​

We make operations hiring easy:

By building with us, when it comes to hiring, you will know exactly what processes make up your operations. This means that you can hire the perfect sized operations team at the perfect time.

Moreover, your new team will not only inherit readymade processes, they will also be trained by us. This means your team will be able to hit the ground running to skyrocket your business!

Lets talk people!
We rapidly design new processes to transform your operations through our four step methodology

How we do it

We build processes in agile sprints to quickly and efficiently get your operations up and running!

Step 1


During discovery we dive deep into your strategy, processes and people in order to capture your entire operations. Through this, we will build out a process transformation roadmap to:​

  • Prioritise which processes to design first​
  • Manage ownership and process go-live deadlines​
  • Follow process build and implementation progress   ​


We will test and run the new processes internally, using quantitative and qualitative feedback to track a complete overview of process performance.​

  • Collect process stakeholder feedback​
  • Collect internal team feedback​
  • Measure real-life data insights

Step 2


Using agile sprints, we will begin building the processes that we have mapped out within the transformation roadmap. We will use process building best practices; always keeping an MVP mindset to build rapidly, but never at the expense of quality. ​

  • Create end-to-end processes step-by-step​
  • Integrate processes with all internal teams, your entire stack and all external stakeholders​
  • Keep the MVP mindset to capture and action improvement ideas as we build


New operations are monitored to make sure efficiency is gained across an extended period of time.

  • Operational aftercare ensures that efficiency is maintained for the foreseeable future, giving you the best operations possible.

Step 3


Using the collected feedback and data we will implement performance improvements and continue to refine and build the processes. ​

  • Iterate based on real-life data gathered from users and execution log​
  • Track performance and implement improvements as we go​
  • Stress-test the longevity of processes to find any critical loads and fix potential breaking points

Step 4


We will then launch the process allowing major operational efficiency gains. All processes will have full step-by-step documentation and assigned owners. Once at this stage you will:​

  • Receive productivity savings that multiply as each process is built​
  • Have processes that will scale as your business grows from a handful of customers to millions

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What we've done​

Hear how we have built and supported operations for our most recent clients!​
'Helping a logistics start-up expand into new geographies.'​
Using our process design methodology, we helped a disruptive logistics-tech startup design a new operational capability to provide the foundation for rapid expansion into new geographies. By working with us, the logistics startup was able to rapidly redesign their current operations to new scalable processes that enabled their proposition to be offered globally with improved efficiencies. On top of that, through our focus on people, we were able upskill their existing operations teams to lead this expansion removing the need to hire new strategic roles.​
'Helping a new ​
start-up create an
operational strategy
to secure funding'
Through our transformation roadmap, we were able to create an operational strategy rapidly taking a pre-seed startup from ideation stage to a revenue-generating minimum viable product (MVP). Our lean operational strategy allowed the MVP to be built without heavy investment in software development or a large product team. The revenue generated from this MVP was then used to demonstrate strong product-market fit during the startup's first fundraising round.​

Meet our team

Our people are our greatest strength!​
Rayan has a background in growing businesses and operations, with a passion for future-proof businesses. He spent the better part of five years at a major European sustainable logistics provider, driving expansions and infrastructural evolutions.

Rayan Bannai

Jonathan has spent his early career in both start-ups and corporates. Before joining Squared as Founder's associate, he worked at Accenture consulting for clients across many exciting industries.

Jonathan Canizales

Founder's Associate
From commanding soldiers in Afghanistan, to scaling tech startup Deliveroo 500x in 5 years. Paul has led people and businesses, from the frontline to the boardroom.

Paul David Mather

Leadership Partner
Dimitrios is a multilingual operations professional with experience in luxury hospitality, professional membership body, and management consultancy, working with senior leaders and C-suite executives in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Dimitrios Perdikoulis

Talent and People Partner
Our strategic partners will give you an edge when transforming your operations​
At Squared we work with select partners across industries and capabilities to make sure your operations are as efficient as possible ​

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