If we’re all so busy, why isn’t anything getting done?

Rayan Bannai

“If we’re all so busy, why isn’t anything getting done?”

Because endless meetings and emails get us nowhere fast.

As a consulting analyst, I’ve sat in countless huddles, stand-ups, all-hands, workshops, show and tells, *insert cool word for meeting here*, and I’ve seen first-hand why it takes so long to make decisions and take action - bad processes.

Now, as a startup operator, I have simplified these learnings into some key principles I use to build processes that get sh*t done quickly:

- Provide a single point of contact where possible (if 3’s a crowd then 10 is a bad process)

- Push decision making down to the lowest levels that make sense (waiting for senior sign-off sucks)

- Always have a process owner (if no one is in-charge of keeping a process lean then it will grow a mind of its own which again, sucks)

- Minimise handoffs, every handoff is an opportunity for error (1 handoff = 1 step away from getting it done)

If you are building operational processes or just want to empower your team to get stuff done, try some of these tips and let me know if they help 🚀

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