If you want to be the Lewis Hamilton of the startup world, operations are key!

Jonathan Canizales
Founder's Associate

Building out your operations with intention and strategy is like hitting the perfect racing line on track, it is crucial if you want to push yourself ahead of the pack.

Driving the perfect line is a delicate balance between the right strategy, decisions and timing and operations are no different.

🔴 The Problem Line: Processes have developed organically without a strategy which often leads to operation break down during growth and scale - putting you into the metaphorical wall.

⚪️ The Slowest Line: This is one I see a lot, founders are often forced to build processes themselves, taking up most of their time, or they have to hire multi-person ops teams which quickly burns cash - both scenarios seriously slow growth.

🟢 The Perfect Line: Processes have been intentionally designed from the start with long-term strategy in mind. This means that from inception to scaling your operations are giving you the key edge you need to pull away from the pack.

Now all this sounds easy, but just like there is rarely a perfect racing line for all F1 cars, there is rarely the perfect operations build for every business.

So when it comes to operations, if you’re finding yourself slow out of the grid, process design might be the answer you’re looking for! (and yes, if you haven’t guessed it I am a Lewis fan #𝟒𝟒)

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