Why Founders Shouldn't Be Firefighters: Tips for Running a Stress-free Business

Rayan Bannai
Founder @ Squared
Internal Operations

Many people assume that being a founder means constantly putting out fires and managing high-stress situations. While there are similarities between the roles of founders and firefighters, it's important to recognise that they are not the same. In fact, founders can avoid daily fires by implementing smooth processes and efficient systems. In this post, we'll explore the differences between founders and firefighters and share some tips for running a stress-free business.

The job descriptions of founders and firefighters often seem synonymous. Both roles require assessing risks under pressure, being the last line of defence in an emergency, and dealing with high-stress situations. However, founders don't need to risk their lives every day like firefighters do. Despite this, many founders feel like they are fighting fires every day.

To avoid this, it's essential for founders to focus on developing smooth and effective processes. By having tried and tested operations and streamlined offers and systems, they can ensure that their business runs efficiently and effectively. This allows them to be proactive instead of reactive and reduces the likelihood of unexpected emergencies.

Of course, no business is completely immune to unexpected challenges. That's why it's crucial for founders to be adaptable and able to mitigate and manage risks. However, with a solid foundation of processes and systems in place, they can handle unexpected situations with ease.

It's also essential for founders to seek outside help and advice. This can include hiring a consultant or coach who can provide an objective perspective on the business. Sometimes, an outside pair of eyes can see things that the founder may have missed or overlooked.

To wrap up, founders should not feel like they need to be firefighters. While there are similarities between the two roles, there are also significant differences. By focusing on developing smooth and effective processes, being adaptable and seeking outside help, founders can run a stress-free business. Remember, it's not about putting out fires every day, it's about building a solid foundation for success.

Rayan Bannai
Founder @ Squared
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