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Three Gold Nuggets

Rayan Bannai
December 2, 2022
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Three gold nuggets I wish I found before going into the startup world.


• No academic course will make you more experienced

• Money can’t be your motivation

• You sometimes have to compromise. A lot. But the reward is unparalleled.

My first job was within graphic design. This was the first time I used a mac, the first time I used Adobe. Within a month, my work was being printed onto an airline magazine. I didn’t take a course, but I intensely watched a senior illustrator at the time and then tried and tried again.

By nature of startup runways, investments and small teams; money simply can’t be your motivation (This does not mean under pay or settle for less). But. You want to join somewhere that you feel excited to wake up for on a Monday morning and if it’s only so you can have another cracking weekend, then this might not be it.

Some days you might be bored. Some days you might be forgetting to eat. The learning curve and development I gained from doing this was substantial. Not because the key to success is starving yourself, but because it taught me to be efficient with my own time; automating processes and delegating work as I grew into the space.

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Rayan Bannai
11 Jan 2022